Diary: I’m a man of wealth and taste

The Devil deserves no sympathy

🔹A voodoo has infected one of the playlists I have stored on my phone and sometimes songs get stuck in repeat.

The latest victim is ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ by the Rolling Stones, so it’s not a big problem. 

It’s actually forced me to pay more attention to the song’s lyrics.

A couple of lines stick out. The one in which Mick Jagger (aka Satan) hung around St Petersburg when he sensed it was time for change raises the question as to whether he got the kind of change he wanted.

Did Mick (aka the Devil) lay the groundwork for the ultimate rise of Vladimir Putin to his position of supremacy? Or was he just looking to sate his appetite for a crazy bit of Tsar-killing? As you do.

Before he arrived in St Petersburg Mick had already callously seen off Jesus Christ just when he was having “his moment of doubt and pain”.

Then he stretches his trail of death and misery to notch up the killing of kings, and finally the assassination of the Kennedys, though he tries to lay the blame for that one elsewhere.

In his orgy of bloodlust he sets traps for troubadours, but then seems to run out of steam.  He wants to be stopped.

He’s obviously come to a turning point in his death, because he then goes in search of self-respect, repeatedly pleading his case as a man of wealth and taste.

He wants us to treat him with courtesy and sympathy, but refuses to give up his bad old ways. 

He thinks we’re puzzled by the nature of his game, but there’s not much chance of that, given the path of evil he has carved out. 

He makes threats in his pathetic attempt to gain acceptance:

“Or I’ll lay your soul to waste.”

The problem is he’s low on self-awareness. He repeatedly asks if we know his name. 

He tells us to call him Lucifer, but the song’s title calls him The Devil. He’s clearly a fraud, so sympathy is the last thing he deserves.

🔹The only sympathy I’ve ever had for the Devil was during Andy Hamilton’s radio comedy ‘Old Harry’s Game’ when he’s compelled to argue endlessly with the Professor about the Nature Of Everything. 

In which Jane Austen becomes a prizefighter

The Professor is very annoying, especially when you get him on subjects like Original Sin and the Nature Of Everything.

Also, Scumspawn was the worst Demon ever in the history of Hell, so I wouldn’t wish that loser on anyone.

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