Diary…Tuesday, ‘Wisting’ on BBC iPlayer

The lady FBI agent majors in telling the Norwegian cops how to do things

🔹In viewing the first episode of the Norwegian crime drama ‘Wisting’ on BBC iPlayer, we learned several things, some of them even about the American serial killer who is on the loose in Norway in search of young blonde women to prey upon.

◾Norwegian cops get their own police-service beanie hats, with crest.

◾Norwegian people take their pigs for a walk in much the same way as people from other nations exercise their dogs.

◾The Norwegian police place great trust in journalists.

In the first episode, the local cops hand over crime-scene photographs to a visiting feature-writer, and it didn’t seem like it was because she just happened to be the chief investigating officer’s daughter. 

It was like it’s just what they do in Norway.

They also give her the keys to a recently deceased citizen’s house.

She just walks in and starts rummaging through his drawers, taking pictures and sniffing around his possessions, like that’s just what journalists do in Norway.

Location of serial killer (presumed)

The story is juiced up quickly with the arrival from the US of two FBI investigators, one a 30-something dude, the other a 50ish woman with a steely look and a laissez-faire attitude to gun use and good manners. 

Countdown to coitus

You can practically smell the trouble as soon as the lady Feeb starts talking. She majors in lecturing the assembled Norwegian cops on how to do things.

We learn from her (sternly) that the US state of Minnesota is practically a Norwegian outpost on US soil, as if that will somehow establish her as the real person in charge. 

One of the older Norwegian cops is especially generous in his contempt.

Chief investigator William Wisting eyes her with suspicion but already we are anticipating fornication in two feet of snow.

Wisting could do with the comfort. His wife died a year ago and he’s not quite over it yet.

He mopes around deploying the body language of the bereaved.

I could be wrong, but this looks very like a countdown to coitus.

Roll on Episode 2.

🔹There’s a big argument going on because BBC boss Tony Hall has thrown in the towel in his fight with Boris.

As someone who sees themself as the product of the BBC (a 1970s TV kid), I naturally want others to grow up in the rich cultural environment that I’ve enjoyed.

Boris seems determined to shut that shop up forever and if the British public are not willing to fight back, I don’t see much hope.

If they won’t fight for decent healthcare, education and social services, what hope is there of them wading in for the BBC?

I just hope we don’t end up with telly as bad as America’s, or Spain’s, or (ughh) Italy’s. 

That would be the time to plan a visit to Sweden.

🔹 Read yesterday’s scrapbook.

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