Scrapbook: Week 39, 2021

September 25-October 1… SATURDAY Finally, at 44% into Donna Leon's Earthly Remains a body has been found in the Venice Laguna. 📌 The Golden Lane Estate has a visionary layout. Around 60% is open space. Lawns and leisure facilities on your doorstep. A branded stitchwork tote bag showing its colour-coded plan seemed like a nice … Continue reading Scrapbook: Week 39, 2021

Drabble: Mutton Jeff

The deaf one was irritating. He shouted a lot. That's understandable, but he was also a braggart, so his shoutings were especially annoying. I've got a new phone, you know. Takes pictures. Brilliant quality. I got this case for it off the internet. The clasp is magnetic.  At the exhibition, Shouty was so shouty that … Continue reading Drabble: Mutton Jeff