Drabble: US gun sales leap by 94%

I wasn't sure she'd say yes, but I asked anyway. That Saturday we took our weapons and headed outta town. Separate cars. All through that freaky pandemic Summer we kept 2m apart, faces covered with bandanas like they said, and enjoyed the great outdoors of our beautiful state. They said it was a recommended recreational … Continue reading Drabble: US gun sales leap by 94%

Drabble: Three songs, one story

Brian finally agreed he was in trouble when he started to believe Romeo, as Mark Knopfler reports, really did proposition Juliet with the words, "You and me, Babe, how about it? Further clues arrived. He'd grown obsessed by what Elton John saw in the Tiny Dancer's "pirate smile". And what Billy Joel sang when that … Continue reading Drabble: Three songs, one story