Diary: Boris sits five-year exam

The new Labour Tories and a bullying TV cop

🔹Andrew Rawnsley’s column in the Observer is about UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson keeping the promises he made during the election campaign to the northern, die-hard Labour supporters he managed to convert to the Tories. 

It includes the following passage:

Rachel Wolf, co-author of the Tory manifesto, sets one test for this government: “In five years, people need to find it easier to get a GP appointment, think A&E and social care is better, not worse, and not believe that their schools are struggling with budgets.”

🔹The Harry & Meghan story isn’t going away anytime soon.

And even former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, now a grandee at Oxford University, has something to say about it.

🔹We bought these lamps at a vintage shop in Hackney today. £375, plus delivery.


🔹This family WhatsApp exchange during the Liverpool vs Man Utd game was funny.

My sister can be so dozy sometimes!

Liverpool won 2-0. The second goal in the closing seconds was a masterpiece of quick thinking and cool running.

🔹DCI Vera Stanhope, TV cop played by Brenda Blethyn in the series ‘Vera’, always treats journeyman DC Kenny Lockhart like a piece of shit. 

She orders him around endlessly and when the investigation hits a bad patch she gets really touchy and shouts at poor Kenny in front of everyone. She’s a bully.