Diary… Saturday

Liverpool’s winning ways put to the test

🔹Andy Beckett challenges Labour to redefine its “heartlands”.

🔹Headline in the Guardian.

🔹I finally got to take the monthly photograph of the building site that is outside our front door. I usually take one on the first of every month, but was still on holiday on 1 January, so the pleasure had to wait.

🔹In attempting to archive my entire scrapbook for 2019, I realised that a tedious job is made more tedious if you don’t re-save pictures. 

This archive is so weighed down by “heavy” images that it barely scrolls. One day I must go back and put all the pictures on a diet. 

From now on I intend to archive my scrapbook monthly, and to make sure none of the images is above 100K.

🔹 In a testy, difficult game away from home, Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0

Bobby Firmino nicked a goal in what was a hard game against Jose Mourinho’s energetic side.

Here is a snippet of the family WhatsApp exchange during the game.

It was squeaky bum time

Angelina came round to watch the game and she showed us these mega-thin reading glasses she got while on holiday in the US.

“Say Molecules”. Click.

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