Diary…Sunday, London

‘Pre-loved’ in more than ways than you can imagine

🔹Jane’s cousin Mike, an actor, emailed his views on the Labour leadership contest

He despises Emily Thornberry and believes a Corbynista such as Rebecca Long-Bailey has little chance of reversing Labour’s pitiful fortunes.

His heart’s desire is to see David Miliband make a comeback and rescue the party from oblivion. 

My guess is he’s a closet Starmerist.

There was no news about what he calls “the racist play” he was in at the Chichester Festival (‘Sing Yer Heart Out For The Lads’) transferring to the West End.

🔹Off to a flea market in Dalston. £1 admission. Very busy. Had a cup of tea with almond milk, which was really quite nice. That was £1.50. “Card or cash?” the woman serving it asked. 

Jane bought a decorative pot and a “pre-loved” red vanity case.

Dalston Flea is the place to be

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