Diary… Friday

Grilled Megxit with salt & vinegar

🔹Nestling inside a Marina Hyde column in the Guardian is this quote in relation to the “uproar” in the royal household after Harry & Meghan’s announcement that they want to crawl away from royal duties and do their own thing.

Buckingham Palace often advertises vacancies for butlers … at below the London living wage

🔹Our local fish and chip shop, Kennedy’s, is typical of its kind.

It does takeaway fish, chips, pies, mushy peas, curry sauce and all the other usual food suspects in an inner-city chippy. 

The Whitecross Street business has two dining floors, so this is not just a takeaway, it is a restaurant.

It sells Viño Verde, the Portuguese white wine that goes well with fish and seafood. 

Kennedy’s is a big favourite of London taxi drivers, but today it has a broad mix of diners.

Some are white and middle class, some white and working class.

On one table is a cross-generation trio of Muslims, on another sit a group of four Chinese thirtysomethings. 


This is a proper mix of London people. A quartet of orchestra members even came in just as my takeaway order of grilled haddock arrived.

I nearly tripped over a trumpet case.

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