Diary… Homeward bound

Thursday, Tenerife/London

◾One journalist has reported UK prime minister Boris Johnson as saying his intention as the nation’s leader is to turn himself into a “Brexity Hezza”. 

Here is how Hezza (Michael Heseltine) responded.

◾Mark Steel has done an epic Tweet about Megzit.


Later: In the queue at Tenerife airport I overheard a woman, who declared her age as 60, telling one of her fellow travellers that “me and the kids have got plans”. The person she told responded, “That sounds scary.”

◾I learned earlier that Simone de Beauvoir was trending on Twitter because it would have been her 112th birthday today had she still been alive.

So here is a sketch I did of her looking a bit like Hilda Ogden.

SdB, what a gal!

◾I found a magazine for women over 50 in my EasyJet seat pocket. It’s called Platinum and has Twiggy pictured on the cover of the current issue.

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