Diary… Sunday, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Another slow day that began with a walk out to the rocky bay to check a few more interesting bits of geology.

Then to the market which, unlike the one in Santa Cruz, is total tat, in cheap knickers.

There is clearly an emerging trend here in Cristianos for belt buckles and freakishly realistic baby dolls.

There was one stall plugging the fabled ‘Blanket Tours’ of Tenerife. We found out about these some years ago from our friends Eric & Glen. 

What happens is that a salesperson entices unsuspecting tourists with the offer of a free trip to picturesque out-of-the-way destinations throughout the island. 

What then happens is that the tourists are bussed to blanket and bedding factories where they are offered the factory’s products at discount rates. Lunch and drinks are often thrown in to oil the wheels of the rip-off.

We are told that some tourists find this a low-cost way to explore the island, since buying blankets is not obligatory. Hitch-hikers especially find it an attractive proposition to explore different locations.

The stall-holder/sales rep at the market in Cristianos was called Gail, and she wasn’t happy that all I wanted from her was a leaflet.


Liverpool won 1-0

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