Diary… Monday, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

At the moment, there is an agreement among EU countries that members can “roam for free”. What that means exactly I’m not sure, but I guess it means that phone networks in EU member countries allow each other to carry their contract’s data allowance wherever they go.

One of the big questions for UK holidaymakers and travellers must be whether data charges will go through the roof once we have left the EU.

And since we are in Spain, I can listen to UK radio and stream music with abandon. Except I woke up this morning and couldn’t remember what my data allowance was. 

The horror came to me following a message that I have hit 5GB. The EE website cannot help because the “myee” function (which would tell me the answer to my burning question) is not working, for me and, it seems, many others.

I am forced to wait until we return home and I can check the paperwork to find out my allowance, hoping in the meantime that I am not building a vast data debt.

A posting on FB tells us that T, who not long ago upped roots and moved from the UK to Calonges in Girona, has fallen and broken a shoulder in two places. This isn’t a very happy ending for her to a year of upheaval and challenge. It makes her situation quite precarious.

Sitting on a sofa in a shaded spot beside the Paloma Beach Apartments pool is the perfect place to read Alan Bennett’s recently published 2019 diary in the London Review of Books while listening to an Amazon playlist of popular film scores. 

In September 2019 Alan Bennett’s diary reports that Jimmy Clitheroe‘s spiral library steps were sold for £20. And that the singer Morrissey (“The Pope of Mope”) once turned up on the playwright’s doorstep asking, “Did you know Jimmy Clitheroe?”

Jimmy Clitheroe

I just spotted an old man riding a tricycle, so they must be available for hire somewhere around here.

I also noticed that the tall block of apartments across the road is called Costamar, which is very close to ‘Customer’. Deliberate?

The pedal tricycle seems like such a missed opportunity here in the quiet southern end of Cristianos.

There are a lot of elderly people on mobility scooters, which they hire from around €70 per week. Tricycling instead would increase fitness levels for many of them.

I know this because since the stroke in 2012 that robbed me of my balance, tricycling is the only form if cycling I can do.

In the UK, space and traffic congestion limit opportunities. But out here in the bum-end of Los Cristianos, the seafront and sidewalk pathways are wide and flat – ie, perfect for tryicycling.

Think of the independence and self-reliance it could offer many of its normally needy visitors.

Lunch here:

They were playing very irritating Christmas songs in a Eurodisco reinvention. I never knew it could actually get cheesier than Boney M. Now I know better.

Later: spotted this on Twitter.

Later still: Now that the woman beater and his abused partner have left town we are safe to walk out without fear of recriminations. 

The pianist in the nearby Arona Gran hotel is still reassuringly 1970s but now has delusions of grandeur.

As he effortlessly tinkled out ‘Born Free’ he gave one seated guest an introduction to the life works of Schubert. Cheers.

At the Arona Gran hotel

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