Diary… Saturday, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

A slow day after yesterday’s rollercoaster of an outing. We strolled back to the Swedish Church, Iglesia Sueca, this morning for a cortado, during which I was able to work out from the church’s ‘Order of Service’ the days of the week in Swedish.

Sunday: Söndag
Monday: Måndag
Tuesday: Tisdag
Wednesday: Onsdag
Thursday: Torsdag
Friday: Fredag
Saturday: Lördag

But I guess I could have looked that up…

On the way into town along the seafront, my wife Jane spotted the abused woman, Caroline, we came across on Christmas Eve, walking hand in hand with her abuser. She had some medical strapping on her right shoulder, so at least she got that fixed. 

Pity she didn’t ditch her abuser, but I guess this kind of violence is far more common than we like to admit, and the choices available to victims very limited. And right on cue, I just read this article in the Guardian.

Here’s a selfie I did last night.

And yes, that is my left foot sneaking in at the bottom of the picture, holding down the page from my notebook as a gust of wind threatened to thwart the photography.

I have posted this on Instagram as ‘A Self Portrait In More Ways Than One’, but I think the standard Insta crop got rid of my toes.

Here are some more pictures. The dark one, top right, is someone we spotted on the way home, foraging or crabbing by night in the rock pools. The head torch gave it all a creepy vibe.