Artwork Archive: The Northern Slice

I made this 2014 illustration, drawn on an iPad2 using the ArtStudio app, in response to the UK government economic plan to turn a slab of Britain westward from the rivers Mersey to Humber into the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

The initiative was welcomed by the media economics expert Evan Davis, so in a cheeky mood I imagined the performing pundit on the TV show The Great British Bakeoff (GBBO).

This was his “Showstopper”, in my imagination. The surface of his would-be cake, the icing, is based on a geological map of the proposed Northern Powerhouse development zone; the ‘base layers’ of the imaginary confection is a construction of coloured sponges in the pattern of the union flag.

There have been several pledges down the years from ambitious bakers promising to create this masterpiece of cake design. So far, nothing has appeared. Maybe the idea is unpalatable.

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