Diary: 4 October 2020

SUNDAY And so, my attempt to streamline the contents of the too-small new fridge ended unhappily when that blue thing we have for grating and storing parmesan cheese fell on the floor.


# The Morning Star had a story to build on the backlash against the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, so I made a News Wall out of it. The words are too hard to read.


# Some more posts pictures from last week’s workshop at the Barbican came through on Instagram, one of which really shows the process.

Wax monoprinting in action at the Barbican workshop

# Man Utd lost badly to Spurs at home (1-6). We switched over from the Liverpool game against Villa after 35 minutes. The embarrassment was mounting ominously. The final score was Aston Villa 7, Liverpool 2. A bit of a reality check, that, given that Liverpool had hoped to transplant Everton at the top of the table.

# Stuart has strayed into geriatric misogyny. During a reflection on Stu Sutcliffe’s girlfriend Astrid and how the Beatles changed when she appeared on the scene, he whinges about women who emasculate men, then dips into a story of self-pity about when his “psycho Irish girlfriend burned cigarette holes in my best leather strides, poured porridge in my suede boots and poured my Old Spice down the toilet”. All of this comes after a link to some old Beatles photographs he unearthed, shots taken in 1961 by a friend of his dad’s called Albert.

# Watching the TV adaptation of the David Nichols book Us, (starring Tom Hollander and Saskia Reeves) I wonder if it is through others that we best learn to appreciate those closest to us.

# I think a new volunteering role will be for marshalls who monitor safe-distancing at group events. Organisations will train and reward them.

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