Diary: 1 October 2020

THURSDAY The quest to become more proficient in Procreate continues with a disappointing illustration about the Great Outdoors.

The beauty of the great outdoors

The three elements – the main picture, the text and the collage additions – are simple enough. But the look on the sheep’s face is lost and the row of patio heaters on the hillside don’t look like patio heaters. Two things I like: look closely and The ‘trunks’ of the patio heaters have a ‘root system’ anchoring them, and the text is a massive blow-up of my handwriting in fountain pen. Enlarged, it looks brilliantly scraggy, which I like a lot.

Britons braced for Winter outdoors.
Daffodils, by William Wordsworth.
Frilutsliv is the new Hygge.

# Paul was first to arrive at Headway. I wanted to tell him that his portrait of Peggy Mitchell we bought keeps falling off its shelf, but decided against.

Paul gets comfortable

# The Headway thermometers are dicky again. I got two readings of 33 degrees. Chris was a bit cold, too. My temperature reading eventually settled at 35-point-something.

# Everyone in the studio has their own plastic work box with art materials. I’ve still got my old Norwegian gas-mask case, which ironically has been made Covid-safe.

Bag of tricks

# Nice to know others are dealing with the same issues.


# The first live face-to-face workshop at the Barbican was for Accumulate, an art school for the homeless. Around 15 attended and they all responded well and produced some good work inspired by images from the Barbican’s recent Masculinities exhibition. Staying 2m from the person you are trying to coach is difficult, but it’s an adjustment we should try to perfect. I’d rather do workshops at 2m than on Zoom.

Barbican monoprinting workshop

See the method.

# I’ve been digging through some old notebooks with the view to writing some travel memoir blog posts, starting with our big 1998 trip to the US. The first stop was in Boston.

Page from Boston travel journal, 1998
Where shall we go today?

# There’s a lazy messaging trend running around that replaces the letter N for the word AND. An ampersand (&) I can deal with, but an N is just plain irritating.

More dirty secrets here.

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