Diary: 2 October, 2020

FRIDAY It’s lashing with rain, so there’s no way I am venturing outdoors today, even if I had the desire. There are also a lot of tasks accumulating. I had totally forgotten I agreed to do a Zoom fundraising quiz for Headway. And two pieces of artwork for a project titled My Lockdown Diary, which I’m told will be exhibited in the Barbican Library.

# The Headway Open Studio today was hosted by Brian, who talked about his collection of cacti and succulents.

Then there was a sudden flurry of Zoomy artists fetching their cacti and succulents for everyone to see. This was my take on it.

Michelle said there’s a spiky plant called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.

# The US president and his wife have tested positive for Covid.

# That giant couscous with tuna and tomato was superb.

# My cousin Kate says Liverpool have been drawn against a club called Midgetyland in the Champions League. It is not, as she hilariously presumed, a nation of small people but a region of Denmark.

# With some effort, I managed to get my Lockdown visual diaries done. One is about shopoing online and the stitchwork projects I have completed.

The other is about the wax monoprinting workshop I shot on video for the Barbican’s Masculinities exhibition.

# When the supermarket delivery arrived, this was where we were in the latest episode of Cardinal. We both guessed at Barry’s fate during the pause before restarting to discover him literally frozen to death in the back garden.

More racy revelations here.

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