Artwork Archive: Earthslice

This image from 2015 is another from a series in which I crossed geology with confectionary.

It imagines the Earth as a slice of cake, the colours of each layer being a weak approximation of temperature – hot at the earth’s centre (the tip of the cake slice) to cold on the surface (blue ocean, green grass).

Standing on the Earth’s surface, to let the viewer know they are looking at a representation of their own habitat, I put four “recognisable” human figures, or at least figures from a “human” world: Marilyn Monroe, Batman, the Statue of Liberty and Bugs Bunny.

As a picture it was meant to be suggestive of the geological diagrams we’d sketch in our school exercise books to show the internal structure of the earth from core to mantle to crust.

The choice of colours dissatisfied me at first, but with time I have grown to like them.

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3 thoughts on “Artwork Archive: Earthslice

  1. To be honest, before I read down my first thought was “cake” rather than “geology”. I feel better now you’ve mentioned it as I was feeling very unacademic at that point. I know there is a better word than that, but I can’t quite get to it. You convey a lot of charcater in the figures.


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