Snapshot: The Pond, Winnall Moors, Winchester

The Pond became the accidental Holy Grail of my snooping around Winnall Moors. It is clearly signposted early in the walk, and yet it never quite sounded enticing enough to make a 150m detour down a stony path.

Finally I relented and decided that no Winnall experience would be complete without a visit to The Pond.

The approach is an avenue of inhospitable thistles and blackberries past their best, but with your destination imminent, the excitement levels start rising.

Then suddenly you are there, at THE POND, and the spectacle that greets you will live in the memory for a lifetime.

As Memorable Moments go, that was always going to be hard to beat, but on the way back to our marvellous guest house, two more curiosities topped off a special day.

More on Winnall Moors.

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