Lunchtime rant 8.7.20

The Gaming Generation

In a recent Diary entry I referred in a slightly snotty way to the Gaming Generation. These are the people who grew up behind consoles and keyboards in bedrooms choked in dope smoke.

For reasons I’ve never bothered to properly check out, the Gamers performed well in the classroom, but never really had a knack with people outside of their tribe. They first went on to find a foot in autistic societies and now they are in charge.

Again for reasons I’m too lazy to check, the 10,000 hours they spent in confinement with Minecraft or whatever, has mysteriously equipped the Gaming Generation with some special skills.

They make decisions quickly and they stick to them. They process information with speed and have a facility for retaining that information for future use. These talents are valuable to societies in development.

The Gamers were born to parents who couldn’t give a toss. They left their children to find their own feet while they self-obsessed about their petty aspirations. Self-reliance became the Gamer goal. And self has become the primal force in their identity.

There’s nothing to be scared of, but older and younger generations should see the Gamers for who they are. I’m sure for many of them that will be a first.

Just be clear about a few basics…

1) Gamers have no personality. They are totally without charm.

2) They really don’t give a shit. This is disappointing since the world now faces some very important and urgent matters that require backbone and principles.

3) The Gamers have no concept of collective action. They’ll go on a march, but ask them to stay indoors to stop the spread of a deadly virus and they think you’re talking about someone else.

The Gamers are also useless. They can’t cook or repair a bicycle puncture. Their sense of entitlement tells them that Other People do that.

This is a pity because their children have come to resent these faults but have failed to spot the virtues. Gamers are good at things, including crime.

But we are where we are, so get to know the Gamers and try to love them a little, even if that means something as trivial as a shared interest in The End of The F***ing World. Your future probably depends on it.

Read my Diary from last week.

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