I don’t attend class, but I’m still a model student

The daily emails from WordPress Blogging University are a pest. They look at me, taunting, bullying. Do it now!

There is an urgency about this nagging insistence I find deeply unattractive, so unless the emails catch my mood with a juicy task, I simply file them, then work through the designated projects at my own plodding speed.

The method might not work for me, but the University itself obviously does because in one week I have become a daily viewer of the WordPress Reader, checking out the work of others, and a keen if a bit dim student of tags.

I also have the embryo of a Home page in my blog drafts, on which I experiment like a mad scientist.

And all of this is a pleasure, which is probably the best reason for doing it. I could be doing something really weird, like stitching badly-drawn faces into old T-shirts.

Straight to the point…

Read my Diary from last week.

One thought on “I don’t attend class, but I’m still a model student

  1. I too am a daily browser of the Reader, and have made many great connections on WordPress. I love your writing style, and wow your time in the industry sure sounds impressive. Wishing you all the best in your blogging pursuits!

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