Diary… Tories turn left leaving Labour in the middle of a muddle

Are Boz and Jezz secretly two peas from the same pod?

Sometime before the UK election in December 2019 I mused on how Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party was not the spectacular failure it was painted as being.

I gassed on about his tenacious performances as a radical opponent of the Conservatives and how an effective Opposition in Parliament is as valuable as a strong government.

And how Dominic Cummings was really a seasoned Tory-hating maniac bent on smashing the party out of its smug old ways. 

I might even have speculated that Cummings is in fact a secret socialist, a closet commie.

Those in power need to be kept on their toes, and Corbyn was a sometimes aggressive but mainly irritating attack dog. 

I thought he did quite a good job.

Cummings, meanwhile, was at the same time barking chaos theory right into the heart 10 Downing Street. 

In a fantasy world, Boz and Jezz could easily have been working covertly in partnership.

The result, as Larry Ellott points out in the Guardian today, is that the Tories under Boris Johnson have turned left (at the next Brexit!). 

The recent re-nationalisation of Northern Rail is a key example of Boris’s supposedly über-right Trump-sucking Tories doing exactly WHAT LABOUR WOULD HAVE DONE had it been the winning party.

How many more Labour policies will the Tories end up nicking in the next five years?

So if you are a Labour voter and want to look on the bright side, vote for Rebecca Long Bailey for a continuation of feisty opposition, watch out soon for Green New Deal 2.0 from the Tories and whisper to yourself, “the ends justifies the means”.

🔹 Following the meeting with Ali at Autograph on Tuesday to discuss the print workshop we are doing in March, Alex and I decided to try printing two of the pictures Ali thinks will work well.

Here are mine:

Eleanor Xiniwe of The African Choir, London 1891

I had attempted to capture this woman’s image previously in a stitching project I abandoned because the rubbery fabric was no good for back-stitch.

Peter Jackson, the ‘Black Prince’ boxer, 1889

They are on cotton-rag paper. It’s a nice quality, but rough and quite hard to work with. It needs a lot of hard pressing to get the wax to impress.

Maybe a simpler paper would work better.

🔹Kat’s shoes today on Insta #katyasshoes.

They have an interesting open heel

Later: to the Barbican Cinema to see the Sam Mendes film 1917.

Nice photography, nice set design. Immersive atmosphere. Authentic detail.

But some of the story and plot points are CORNY AS HELL!

I wanted to laugh when our hero clambered half drowned from a river to hear, off in a distant corner of the forest, the beautiful voice of a choirboy singing to a whole battalion of cheesed-off, battle-scarred, nose-picking, arse-scratching WWI soldiers.

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