Diary… Monday, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

My wife Jane went on off on a walk up a big hill (that “on a walk up a big hill” sounds like a comedy euphemism), so another exercise in ‘roaming’ took me into town along the seafront.

On the way is a small Swedish church, Iglesia Sueca, with its door always open. It turns out to be not some heavy Lutheran conversion chamber but a welcoming and relaxing place to sit quietly with a drink and a pastry. Its origins apparently date back to the 1950s as a warm-weather rehabilitation sanctuary for disabled people. Now it is owned and run by the Church of Sweden.

Swede sensation…

I stayed there reading and listening to Bob Dylan’s ‘Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid’ until an sms arrived saying Jane had come down from on high and that Lisa wanted to meet us for lunch. We went to Bahia Verde for salads and rosé.

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