Scrapbook: Croquet

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5 thoughts on “Scrapbook: Croquet

  1. They are both right. The pronunciation is part of their local heritage so asking one set of people to change it, in my opinion is wrong.
    For example how would you pronounce the Yorkshire village “Slaithwaite” ?

    It’s pronounced ‘sla-wit’ or ‘slath-wait’. This is probably the one that outsiders mispronounce most often. You can call it ‘sla-wit’ or ‘slath-wait’ but never ‘slayth-wait’, but again it depends where you live to how you pronounce it.

    These traditions or pronunciation and local dialects need to be respected and most of all need to be kept and maintained. Too much of our language heritage is being homogenised.

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  2. Yes, there’s always been a misguided notion that then Nene is pronounced Nen, mainly voiced by Northamptonshire yokels between bouts of crunching carrots and other unspeakable activities. Just as I always did when living in Peterborough, I will ignore them and let them get on with it. I did once think of taking up croquet but found it too aggressive so stuck to rugby.

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