Scrapbook: Virus terrorism

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9 thoughts on “Scrapbook: Virus terrorism

  1. If verification processes are taken serious, how comes that the guardian didn’t publish a picture of Paul Manafort when he allegedly visited the Ecuadorian embassy?

    How comes that the guardian is pushing so hard against the concept of “independent press” and Julian after they used his platform as a source? Why are pushy headlines rewritten so often if they are better than Sefton Delmer propaganda?

    Sorry to bother you with these difficult questions, but usually comments are closed and nobody who worked there has balls (like you have).


    1. The Guardian’s many editors each make independent decisions about content. If you believe there is a consistency of oversight that amounts to more than a difference of opinion, the Readers’ Editor is there to listen to and deliberate fairly on your complaint. My advice is to use that opportunity.


      1. Unfortunaltely your assumption doesn’t help and i have doubts that the Readers’ or Chief Editor could explain the success of Jonthan Pie. However, thank you Billy for trying.


  2. Do you think the guardian is doing journalism, or propaganda in that article? Did they talk to the police officer, or was it just a copy&paste reuters report?


    1. Having worked at the Guardian for 30 years, I don’t imagine it was a simple copy & paste. I guess the story would have been verified, but I can’t say for sure. Reuters is a trusted source of accurate reporting used by many publications worldwide.

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      1. Thank you for the background information, but reuters, afp & dpa are constantly wrong when it comes to topics like the middle east (and many more). Sorry, but my guess is that the guardian didn’t verify the infection chain for the three babies.


      2. Oh, ok. I was going to ask you if you could call them based on your close affiliation, but i’m going to search at reuters first. Do you know how many people have been called terrorists by the guardian when AIDS was the biggest virus threat? Maybe they are still in Belmarsh like Assange?


      3. The headline was mine. It was meant to indicate a potential threat. I linked to the Guardian story merely as an example. I’m sure there are others. All I know from my years at the Guardian is that verification is taken very seriously.


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