Home Studio: Unfinished artworks

At another Submit to Love Studios Zoom session, studio head Michelle showed us a number of famously unfinished artworks, the best of which for me was an image by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Leonardo

Then she tasked us with “finishing” an unfinished portrait by Gustav Klimt.

The Klimt

As much as I admired the Klimt image, all it really did for me was to throw me into a memory trance about my Auntie Gertie, a legendary family figure I have often referred to as being “all fur coat and lipstick”.

Auntie Gertie was famous for other things: being a mad Liverpool supporter, a fondness for booze and playing cards, and as one of my cousins later reminded me, of how she once flashed her knickers when Liverpool won the FA Cup. That’s the kind of woman Gertie was.

During the session there was a lot of discussion about the animal Klimt had hesitated to put around his subject’s neck. I made it Gertie’s Liverpool scarf.


So what came out of this session was the failure to finish Klimt’s unfinished portrait but to mimic the Klimt in memory of Auntie Gertie.

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