Diary: 17-18 October

SATURDAY 17, WINCHESTER According to someone on change.org MPs are planning to give themselves pay rise of £3,000 a year. And they reckon we should stop them, the greedy bunglers (my words), by signing a petition NOW.

# My wife tells me that if Boris steams ahead with his no-deal Brexit prank, there will be chaos. The example she cited was a company making wooden toys being unable to get the wood to make them. We speculated on whether they could use MDF from China instead, but concluded that China will eventually close the door to Britain along with the rest of the world. It will become a cold and gloomy place like those pictures of Russia during the purges. People with rotting teeth will stand shivering in long queues waiting to buy stale bread and tins of pressed rat-meat.

# Some people buy houses just to practise their interior-design fetishes, then sit there, alone, looking a how lovely everything is. Then they move a chair 3 inches to the left.

# We got some AAA batteries in Poundland then I headed back to Winnall Moors. I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface of this vast open space of wild beauty. And right in the heart of Winchester! One minute you’re in Poundland, the next you’re in a staring match with a toad.

Wild Winnall…

# The Everton v Liverpool game finished 2-2 after another controversial VAR decision.

# The new card game came in useful as darkness set in…


# Spotting a massive spider in your cookpot is the stuff of nightmares.


Except it’s just a reflection from this mid-century masterpiece.

# The costumes on Strictly are still brilliant, and Tess’s dress is awesome.


# Turns out Bill knows Dirk Maggs.

# Liz’s school pottery reminded me that children are the neglected masters of British Folk Art.

Made in 1966 by Elizabeth Lloyd…

SUNDAY 18, WINCHESTER Our host Liz has two shelves in the “entertainment alcove” on which an assortment of knick-knacks collected over the years sit alongside the TV, turntable, amp and speakers.

# If life these days seems like one long experiment in human endurance, any hope of a happy outcome should be quickly dismissed, if this Nick Cohen story is anything to go by.

# Stuart just brought up the subject of Peter Frampton’s hose pipe.

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