Art review: Grayson Perry, Hoxton, London

At the Victoria Miro gallery in Hoxton we saw some pieces by Grayson Perry derived from his epic tour of Trump’s America.

Not surprisingly, the works (ceramics, prints, weavings) come with heavy political overtones. I was especially attracted to Perry’s use of keywords. Some are bald political observations about US society under its current president; others are more personal, transient flashes of thought that struggle to find a coherent message. Keywords can sometimes limit understanding as much as expand it.

What it all felt like was the work of an artist who senses a country edging towards danger but doesn’t really know what to do about it. A big rug isn’t really a solution.

Grayson Perry: The Most Specialest Relationship is at the Victoria Miro Gallery, Wharf Road, Hoxton, until 31 October.

5 thoughts on “Art review: Grayson Perry, Hoxton, London

  1. He definitely knows it’s his ‘moment’, after a successful Channel 4 lockdown art show and now an exhibition with a new TV-series convieniently tied-in with it… not many artists can get that sort of publicity!


    1. He does. A whole generation if artists hit to grips with that a ling time ago. The cynic in me disapproves. But if capitalism us the only show in town, the quality if the capitalists becomes important

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