It’s what I do: teacher assistance

I help pupils write sparkling prose and cracking headlines

From July 2019

It says in my bloggers profile that I’m a teaching assistant. I’m not sure exactly what that title means. I only know what I do.

In the UK, a teacher assistant attends class alongside a qualified teacher and their students. But the teacher assistant (TA) is also a qualified education worker with individual skills.

I have no teaching or TA qualifications. I am a volunteer auxiliary who brings their specialist professional knowledge into the classroom as but one element in a broad educational plan. In my case this is more than 30 years of writing and editing in national newspapers and magazines.

I join workshops at the Guardian’s Education Centre to help school pupils from year five upwards (age 9-10) have a go at journalism. This is what the results look like.

Students create mock front pages, in this case about a musician they interviewed from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.

‚óŹ Here’s what I do at the Guardian.

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