News wall: Black holes

Source: The Economist…

Don’t confuse your physicists. In the popular TV comedy Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is a Theoretical Physicist, Leonard is a Particle Physicist and Raj is an Astro Physicist. Howard is a lowly Astronaut.

A black hole is an object with sufficient density that the force of gravity prevents anything from escaping from it except through “quantum tunnelling behaviour”. In computer networking, it is a place where traffic is silently discarded. Black Hole is a 1981 pinball machine manufactured by Gottlieb. The Black Hole of Calcutta, was a dungeon in Fort William, Calcutta, in which many British troops and various civilians allegedly died in 1756. The Black Hole of Hong Kong, was a prison cell in which 47 Chinese men were detained for three weeks during the Esing Bakery Incident of 1857. The Black Hole is a surplus store in Los Alamos, New Mexico, operated by Ed Grothus.


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