Diary snapshot: Another Penis Euphemism

I can’t begin to describe the laughs this diary item from Quora has fuelled.

I checked about 10 times that I’d written it down correctly. I went back, day after day. Yes, that’s what she wrote.

I struggled for hours to find a picture that would work with the words. The flat blue of the seat next to the legs was an open goal.

The big question then was whether my preferred Helvetica Bold Condensed could look OK. It’s a bit stretched, but not stupidly so. That Tuesday pink is a slight embarrassment.

In the interests of science, I checked out a few more penis euphemisms on the internet. In alphabetical order: Acorn Andy, Beef Baton, Belting Bishop, Chicksicle, Deep-veined purple-helmeted spartan of love… It goes on, right the way through to Zipper Trout.

Read the full Diary.

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