Art: my weekly appointment with failure

The weekly Open Studio online sessions with Headway East London‘s Submit to Love never fail to show how badly I draw “real things”. The sessions have become an exercise in self-inflicted humiliation.

The theme for this week’s collective drawing exercise was PEACE, supplied by Headway support worker and artist Nancy.

I chose a photograph of me and my wife at a party many years ago. I have a big smile on my face. My wife had her trademark pixie cut at its best.

I selected this as my subject because earlier Nancy had told us how she likes to draw and paint the EMOTION of everyday scenes. A petty argument between me and my wife was still festering from the night before, so doing this picture was probably my way of trying to make peace.

The sessions have become an exercise in self-inflicted humiliation

In truth, these sessions are my chance to hang out with familiar faces and take part in something magical we lost a few months back due to the Lockdown.

Which is just as well, because as much as I get a kick out of doing it, I’m under no illusions about my contribution to the world of art. My wife’s verdict on this week’s abomination: “stick to the abstracts”.

More art from Billy?

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