Artwork Archive: Sharing in Deep Space

This picture post is in response a Creative Community Challenge from Michelle at Headway East London art studio Submit To Love.

I first created the image as a digital illustration in 2015. I was still in stroke rehabilitation but had found a comfort zone at Headway’s Submit to Love studio.

Meanwhile, at home on my iPad I had started to experiment with a tablet version of Photoshop called Touch (now discontinued). I’d recently become visually fascinated by the sharing icon used by internet browsers. It reminded me of the molecular diagram for water (H2O) we learned at school. And I’d heard a lecture on the radio by the philosopher Michael Sandel in which he dubbed the 21st Century as the “Century of Sharing”.

This was inspiring stuff, so I considered how I might study the subject visually. The image shown here is the result. It is a deep space occupied by words and icons showing some of the explorations humans make in sharing.

I later tried to turn the image into a political sculpture (using two plastic footballs from Poundland), but this has not surprisingly sat in a dark corner of the studio for many years collecting dust.

Check out more of my art projects.

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