Make Sure You Love Your Blog Title

Blogging University: Day 2

The Blogging University tutorial today is called ‘Take Control of Your Title and Tagline’ and urges a lighter look a your blog title. Worryingly, it nudges you to go straight in and change it right now! No time like the present, etc.

I decided to run a bath and think about it. By the time I’d had a soak and softened my mood with the Spotify ‘Easy 70s’ playlist, I thought I’d cracked it.

The course notes advise being faithful to who you are and not to fret too much because you can always change it again next week. In other words, it’s no big deal, so have some fun with puns and put some personality in there.

My new title ‘A Little Bit of Liverpool Everywhere’ might not have occurred to me so quickly had Liverpool not just been crowned UK Premier League champions. But it does go straight to who I am: born and raised next to Liverpool FC’s famous Anfield stadium, moved south to London at 25 but forever feeling the natal pull of my native city. Liverpool, both the city and the football team, are in my bones.

Next, the course notes say change your tagline, too. My new one “Explorations of an ageing naif” again pins on my identity as one of life’s naive tourists, trying to find my way around with an incurable curiosity. It also drops in on the irony of someone so old being so stupid.

So that is how I finished Day 2, with a new blog title and a new catchline. If I stop liking it, or I acquire a new identity, I will change it. But for now, my posts will always carry with them a little bit of Liverpool.

Read about my first day at Blogging University.

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