Reflection: Some people call me an artist

Con artist, maybe. Genuine artist, not really. I just make pictures, says Billy Mann

From June 2019

The industry of the artistry

Many thanks to Submit to Love Studios creative head Michelle Carlile, for this photo showing my encroaching baldness. In it I am hard at work on my latest picture story, which is about Wednesday 16 March, 1977 when Liverpool played French giants St Étienne at Anfield. It was a magic moment for Liverpool and I have been collecting friends’ memories (eg, Rob & Izzy), which I will write into the pitch.

Michelle also took the picture below, some years ago. Note the telling details, the main one being that I seem to change my clothes rarely. Those Adidas trainers used to be blue. But I DID have slightly more hair back then. In this one I am working on a picture of the Oxfordshire town Didcot based on a satnav road-map image. I do a lot of work with maps, mainly because I have always found them fascinating and beautiful, but also because they are easy to work with and full of surprises.

Who ever thought Didcot could be THAT interesting?
Here’s how the finished picture turned out

More art by Billy Mann

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