Diary… The funny side of Corona politics emerges

Friday 3 April, London The Morning Star has a column saying Corbyn can comfort himself in the fact that the current government have been forced by circumstances to become open-closet socialists. The new Labour leader will be announced tomorrow.

✒️ I’m getting all my news from Mark Steel from now on.

✒️ Just heard that the Queen will speak to the nation on Sunday. The joke is that she will make all frontline health-service workers honorary members of the Royal Family so they can get the Covid test.

✒️ Just as we were about to join a Zoom birthday drink for Sue, I spotted an observation by David Mitchell on Twitter.

✒️ I could get used to meeting people online. Sue was waiting for her wild-boar pasta to arrive from the nearby Italian restaurant that’s doing deliveries. Her husband could be heard in the background on the telephone giving instructions to the Deliveroo operative. I suspect this type of lifestyle has been commonplace among younger people for years already. Ordering food for delivery and eating it in online chat rooms isn’t such a strange idea, but it obviously is to my generation.

Sue’s birthday on Zoom…

And it is these same people, the ones who grew up in their bedrooms playing computer games, who are most likely to find whatever lies the future most do-able.

Saturday 4 April, London My wife will protest innocence, but whenever we do a joint Zoom, she hogs the screen, placing herself centrally so that I’m forced to lurch in from the wings every so often with one of my pithy contributions to the conversation.

✒️ The Mona Lisa’s scarf/wrap thing is finished. Next comes her dress, but I await an Amazon delivery of some suitably exotic thread for that. Maybe I’ll start on the hair.

✒️ Keir Starmer won the leadership of the Labour Party. Angela Rayner got the Deputy’s job. I am pleased about the results, if not ecstatic. Let’s watch for shadow chancellor Long Bailey. Unlikely, but it would be a deft move. I’d even think of joining the party if that happened. Here is what the Morning Star said about the results.

📝Read my full March diary (14,000 words).

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