Diary… ‘The Split’ – perfect TV for Valentine’s Day

Romance is everywhere, but some of it is fading fast in the hit divorce drama

>> We made a pact at the start of today that we will not run with any Valentine’s madness. 

We will buck convention, prepare a lovely Baked Egg Pasta Florentine from a cookbook called ‘The Roasting Tin’ and settle down with a bottle of champagne to binge-watch the first series of a TV drama about divorce (‘The Split’).

How romantic is that!

Later, my wife decided that watching a programme about divorce on Valentine’s Day wasn’t right, so she nominated instead the film ‘Marriage Story’, starring Scarlet Johannson, which is on Netflix and is about… divorce.

>> There is a solid piece in the Guardian by economics editor Larry Elliott.

I have a strong memory of a speech Larry made at an NUJ meeting many years ago when staff were arguing with management at the Guardian over changes to working practices.

His line ultimately was that managers need workers to implement the practices they have decided are THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

So grab the opportunity to take control, he urged us, and make those management plans work FOR THE WORKERS.

>> We went to check out accessibility at the Candid gallery and cafe in Angel, where Sam’s work will appear in an exhibition next month.

The chocolate orange cake in the caff was good. The gallery space is in a nice big old warehouse.

Wheelchair users might have some difficulty and The cafe (good menu) is up two flights of stairs.

Candid Cafe…

>> At the last moment we reverted to Plan A and watched ‘The Split’. 

Stephen Mangan made an arse of himself by trying it on with the middle sister while pressed up against the children’s trampoline in the garden. 

That will bounce back to haunt him, I’m sure.

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