Diary… A new age of Romance, without Spandau Ballet

The meaning of ‘New Romantic’ and an email about an upcoming ‘Penis & Clitoris’ lecture

Whatever happened to Spandau Ballet? The tallish young man (20s) at the end of the corridor stepped out of his flat as I passed.

He had short dreadlocks or braidings and was wearing white trainers.

He also wore a long, pink nylon padded overcoat. On the back was a large square logo sign with the words ‘New Romantic’ beneath.

In his left ear was a single white dangly bluetooth bud.

I wondered whether our understanding of the words New Romantic were the same.

Nice trews, shame about the shoes… At Headway Kat was wearing those same bloody shoes (and Pringle socks) again.

She really doesn’t deserve her own Instagram feed (#katyasshoes). 

Pull your socks up, Kat…

I am running out of Instagram filters to use, so if she persists in this tedious repetition I will be forced to take drastic action and use Picsart filters. 

That means that ‘Katya’s Shoes’ could end up looking nothing like shoes.

She asked specially for a reference to her cool black leather trousers. Tick.

To coin a phrase… Chris asked me when you are supposed to use an Oxford comma. He says Philip Pullman is annoyed because the new celebratory Brexit 50p coin is missing one in its filthy lying motto.

Meanwhile, deep in the artists’ cave… In the studio, Catalan Cris and Filmy Posy both did tests for the Autograph wax monoprint workshop and loved it. 

Alex worked out that cheap sugar paper is a good one to print on. I carried on with my stitchwork masterpiece.

And also… Later I got an email from Gresham College with a correction to the previous email about the Jeremy Summerly and Joanna Bourke ‘Penis and Clitoris’ lectures.

◾On the telly, Michael Portillo was swanning around Vietnam in a river boat propelled by a Vietnamese man who had mastered the art of rowing with his feet. 

Portillo himself didn’t do anything very impressive, so we were left to be dazzled once again by his dress sense. 

Tonight it was a deep orange shirt paired with pastelly mint-green chinos. 

Are there no boundaries of taste that man will voluntarily stick to?

We switched over to ‘Death in Paradise’. Ralph Little has just arrived as the new cop, wearing a tweed jacket and an assorted mismatch if button-down collar shirts with badly tied ties.

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