Diary… Shrewsbury Town scare life into a dead day

Liverpool struggle in final 15 minutes of thrilling FA Cup tie against League One upstarts

A “not much” day starts with a catalogue of non-events.

Didn’t have a bath because the boiler was acting up and the water ran cold.

Didn’t go to the Dickens Museum because it “looked kinda drizzly”.

Dickens’s family name was Boz

Didn’t read that article about Italy’s “sardine activists”, despite having fond memories of once visiting José Mourinho’s hometown Setúbal in Portugal and its famous Sardine Museum.

Did manage, with effort, to book tickets for two films, ‘The Personal History of David Copperfield’ and ‘1917’.

Also managed to eat too much garlic at Côte Brasserie and spent the afternoon burping smelly clouds of breath into the dead space in front of my face.

And on TV, from England goalkeeping ace Joe Hart, we learned that only posh people from Shrewsbury call it “Shroesbury”.

The last 15 minutes of this FA Cup tie were an embarrassment for Liverpool but a triumph for Shrewsbury Town.

Their supporters went wild with joy.

Shrewsbury will now travel to Anfield for a replay and cash in on half of the gate money for that game.

It will be very useful for a club of their stature.

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