Diary… Nude woman shocks City estate

The naked truth about life on the Golden Lane Estate

My diary tells me that this morning my wife is counting birds as part of a nationwide birdwatching project.

This afternoon she is “testing wigs with Sue and Danielle”.

“Is that someone with no clothes on!” she burst out on her return from birdwatching. 

I joined her at the window and indeed it looked like it was.

From the following sequence of pictures, the truth proves to be more detailed than mere facts.

And… Action!
It’s a wrap!

The film crew were ever so polite and offered their sincerest condolences to the families of any passersby who might have died from a heart attack at discovering that the naked woman they’d gladly have died and gone to heaven for turned out to be a faked woman with unsightly wrinkles in her body stocking.

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