Diary… Tuesday, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

◾It’s not so much a moment of recognition as a waft of acknowledgment that your time is up.

The end of a holiday begins in the head. I’ve already started to make plans for the return home.

Will that nice bottle of red wine from Tacoronte fit in my suitcase? Is it a good idea to carry red wine in your luggage?

There are other signals. The wind is up here in Los Cristianos and spots of rain in the air.

I have started answering emails and making appointments.

The recognition is an understanding that other, more familiar and routine routines will soon take over.

◾The free bus to and from Siam shopping mall is full today, and all of the shops are open and raking in the cash.

Children get a good deal here at the Siam mall. There are slides, trampolines, a play room and toy electric bikes and cars to ride round the open, upper deck.

I never knew so many people bought into this racket. It is a day out for many. My naivety is truly staggering.

◾The Siam experience has pushed me down the hole of reality and the return home to London.

I am now looking forward to it, to leaving Tenerife behind and to plugging back into the London system.

Meeting friends I haven’t seen for a while is top of the list.

The Christmas season is so busy that our paths crossed only fleetingly before we left London on December 17.

Much has happened in their lives, too, and I want to know about it.

And though the nasty taste of the election result has not sweetened in the past weeks, I am resolved to stay true to my own principles and to set my own personal policy bar high. 

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