Diary… Friday, Los Abrigos, Tenerife

The  journey on the 483 bus from Los Cristianos took us through a retail/commercial town called Las Chafiras, a golfing town called Golf del Sur and past some vast banana plantations with plastic canopies the size of football pitches.

Chafiras is a strange conglomerate of warehouses and wholesale units. It would be my first choice were I in need of a new washing machine. 

It has big-name stores such as Lidl and Ikea, too, but its strangeness rests in it obviously being a ‘construct’, a town built for one purpose. It has no soul beyond the cold hand of the transaction. It feels non-human.

Similarly monocultural is Golf del Sur. It is made for golfers and those in their company.

It is clean and green. It boggles the mind to imagine the amount of water needed to keep the fairways and greens in such pristine condition.

Abrigos by contrast is messily human, with fishing boats bobbing in the harbour and swarms of swimming children shouting, squealing and splashing. 

It is an eccentric delight, but probably feeling the walls closing in and the pressure to conform to the developers’ plan, whatever that is.