Diary… Friday, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

The definition of roaming I put into my job description yesterday has sent us north for a two-day visit to the island’s capital city. We find it rammed with people enjoying the last working day before Christmas. Office workers are out in silly hats getting proper drunk and flirty in the busy bars. A Christmas market has been plonked in a big space at the marina. Families wander, children play and good cheer is all around. The headline would probably be “Santa in Santa”, or something just as cheesy. It made me quite sad that only a week ago our country voted to detach itself from all this. I will try not to detach myself. Here are some photos:

The picture top left is what our friend Andy dubbed the “Mother Ship”, a huge department store, El Corte Inglés, that greets anyone arriving in Santa Cruz by bus. The picture bottom left is my ‘Chorizo Inferno’ cooking at our tapas-bar table. Earlier we went to see a pop-up Leonardo exhibition, which put some context to the artist, rightly adding inventor, philosopher, engineer and scientist to his CV.

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