Scrapbook: Brexit done

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12 thoughts on “Scrapbook: Brexit done

      1. The Old Possum series is featured in two parts on the BBC Sounds app (Poetry Extra). I don’t have a favourite yet, but was enchanted enough by the readings to surrender my prejudice. I later found another reading (The Naming of Cats) by Maxine Peake, who owns the world’s most delicious voice.


      2. They both pushed me back to believing cats to be the most selfish and self-centred of the living species. I’m sticking with TS Elliott.


      3. Sorry, Isobel. I’ve obviously missed something (it wouldn’t be the first time). I took the latter to be a satirical pastiche of the former. One elevates cats to the position of deity, the other equates them (via metaphor) with bad lovers.


      4. Wendy Cope has just used the structure of Smart’s poem for her own about her human lover. Smart was confined to a mental asylum for some time. Somewhere I read, but it may be untrue, that he had a cat companion while he was there. My Cat Jeoffrey is part of a longer piece Jubilate Agno, a Christian poem so he is describing how Jeoffrey worships the Almighty in his way, it’s not about raising the cat to a godlike position.

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