News wall: Dominic Cummings

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3 thoughts on “News wall: Dominic Cummings

  1. One of the things I found fascinating yesterday wasTwitter’s response to the story. I read quite a few tweets where there tweeter assaying it was scam, there was no resignation letter, (I haven’t seen one, but why would I?), and it was a diversionary tactic. by number 190: Cummings waling down the street with a cardboard box. Smoke and mirrors they said, getting us to look the other way. And suddenly I didn’t know what I believed. This is the problem, here and in the US. various scenarios are pushed at us. we have to decide at some point which to believe, and sometimes we get it wrong, large numbers of us get it wrong and there are over 70 million in the Us who believe Trump was robbed of victory in the recent election. I believe they are wrong, but not everyone agrees with me.

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    1. That is what I always find interesting when distinguishing fact from truth. Truth = fact + human intelligence. But WHOSE intelligence? Cummings wrote his own exit scene, then played it out. Trump didn’t even make it to the garden centre between the undertaker and the sex shop.

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