SoCS 19.9.20: Tion Wayne

The challenge is to use words ending in TION in a stream of consciousness.

If it hadn’t been for SoCS, the British rapper Tion Wayne would have passed me by. As it is, my attention has been piqued and henceforth I shall roam the land up and down, back and forth, this way and that, offering an explanation to anyone who cares to listen of how my imagination was captured and my concentration cornered by this man from Edmonton, north London.

The story is of no great fascination, more something of a curiosity. According to Wikipedia, Tion was born Dennis Junior Odunwo on 1 September 1992. His occupation is given as rapper, songwriter and DJ. He made a guest appearance on the top 10 single Options by a band called NSG, plus other musical distinctions that mark him out as worthy of entry into (joke) Wikipedia.

Other revelations about Tion are that he was involved in a mass brawl outside a Bristol nightclub in 2017, for which he was jailed. Mentioning his incarceration and enforced isolation was not intended to give young rappers a bad name, but such facts, once they have entered the public imagination, will no doubt be cast in this way. Such an interpretation would be unfair, and in defence of Tion I would like to give special mention to his 2017 Transition EP for no other reason than it ends with the first four letters of his name.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) is hosted by Linda.

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