Drabble: Accidental damage

There came an almighty clunk from the kitchen. Then a deadly silence. I called out. No response. She was hunched over the sink, head in hands, unable to speak from the trauma of having a heavy piece of wood drop on her head. It was from Ikea. 

Needless to say I presumed instantly that the mishap was my fault, that my repeated but unloved attempts to keep a small congested apartment shipshape had backfired again. It was me.

Only later did I discover my innocence. Shock and a feeling of foolishness caused the most damage. Everything else would repair itself.

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What is a drabble? A piece of writing exactly 100 words long. Fiction? Yes, commonly but not always. Drabbles have a story structure (beginning, middle, end) and use other fiction devices such as point-of-view, setting, character, etc.

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