Drabble: Toddler Zombie Walk ends in tears

Bunhill burial grounds…

Martin thought a Toddler Zombie Walk would be a fun introduction to the complexities of death. He got all the costumes from one shop, the one opposite Poundland.

The kids went along with it to please him – looked deadly, walked slowly, whatever. Ten laps around Bunhill graveyard with Blake, Bunyan and Defoe. Plus jelly, and chocolate. But it all felt a bit flat, as death is probably meant to.

Then, out of the blue, a line of grown-ups filed in, headed by community police officers Christine and James. Only up close did anyone notice they were crying tears of blood.

More of my drabbles.

What is a drabble? A piece of writing exactly 100 words long. Fiction? Yes, most commonly but not always. I try to give my drabbles a story structure (beginning, middle, end) and use other fiction devices such as point-of-view, setting, character, etc.

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