Drabble: U2 not really all that bad

I always squirmed when someone said they hated a band. It was normally U2 or Coldplay. To me they were just people who sang songs.

Maybe what they hated was the music industry, not the songs. Then someone said U2 “romanticize the shiny side of an old coin”. They were talking about Belfast Child, which I thought was by Simple Minds. Ditto, hate.

It was a nice line, if a bit overmetaphorical. I used it, once or twice, as a question to U2 fans. And yes, I think it’s probably true. But I’m still not sure it’s a hate crime.

More of my drabbles.

What is a drabble? A piece of writing exactly 100 words long. Fiction? Yes, most commonly but not always. I try to give my drabbles a story structure (beginning, middle, end) and use other fiction devices such as point-of-view, setting, character, etc.

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