Diary snapshot: Misery Monologue, with oats on the side

When I read the blog post in which this quote appeared, I feared for the mental health of the blogger. The quoted words stated the subject clearly, but what followed was disturbing. It said that 3.30am is…

a time when you don’t exist, a between time, a hole in the clock’s ticks… when thoughts are both loudest and quietest… when screams are both loudest and quietest… when life is both dead and alive…

It continued in a taut spiral of dark introspection. It could all have been a stunt, a bit of method acting or a monologue of misery in the making. If so, I’m impressed. Nevertheless, it was a relief the next day to read the same blogger on a long lightweight ramble about the smell of cooking oats in the morning. I momentarily pictured the actor Robert Duval swapping the word “napalm” for “oats” in the that famous scene in the film Apocalypse Now, but that was as bleak as it got.

Read the full Diary.

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