Artwork Archive: 26 Seconds To Go

I recently transposed an old graphic from 2019 on to a brick-wall background and liked what I saw.

The original came to me shortly after visiting an exhibition called The Colour of Memory at Tate Modern in London.

The original graphic…

The image shows the England rugby player Jonny Wilkinson kicking the winning goal in the 2003 World Cup. It is a moment that lives in the memory, not least because Wilkinson is naturally left-footed yet kicked the goal with his right foot.

But the deep history of the picture lies in the year before. I’d done a series of Memory paintings in the Submit to Love studio based on my own past. They included people such as Yuri Gagarin, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe and Bill Shankly.

Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay…

The Jonny Wilkinson ‘moment’ was for me the last act of a very fast piece of drama.

An award for best supporting actor should go to Matt Dawson (not seen), the player who passed the ball to Wilkinson, enabling him to close the drama of the game in a flash of gripping tension.

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